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Why Take A Seat

Here at Take A Seat we understand how stressful your clients life's can be. They may think they're on their own and no one can help them. At times it can feel like the end of the world, and at the very least makes everyday things more difficult. Most of all it can affect how they are as a person; when something demands all their attention it’s hard to behave the way they always have with the people that they care most about.

That’s why at Take A Seat we have a process that will help them tackle their worries and work towards getting them back to them again. We want to help them to work proactively with you, so they get to a point where they can focus on the things that really matter in their lives; on their future, not just their current state of mind.

We appreciate making their first booking with you is only the first step. We’ll help them on every step of their journey to make sure that they are getting all the help, support and advice they need until together we get them back to feeling like Them Again.

Become a Founder Member

Founder Membership

As a founding member of the Take A Seat community, not only will you gain access to all member benefits of client referrals, online booking and payments as well as your own profile page, you will also get exclusive early access to our community portal when its released later this year.

Our plans for the community portal include:

  • CPD training and course
  • local and national events
  • share and contribute to papers
  • discuss all the latest topics in a community forum

But what else would you like to see and do to make you and your practice the best it can be? This is your opportunity to be part of something fresh and new for the therapist community.

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Benefits of Membership

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New Client Referrals

From only £20 per month

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Beta access to CPD training and courses

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Immediate booking and payments

Take A Seat are leading the way in bringing Integrative therapists together and building a community. They are pushing boundaries with and on behalf of the profession, which is why I was so keen to join their team. As an experienced counsellor, supervisor and trainer, professional ethical practice is vital. takeaseat have developed a platform that meets the highest standards where both counsellor and client can feel secure in the knowledge all counsellors are vetted and audited. As a member I benefit from a supportive network where I can discuss good practice and ethical dilemmas, whilst feeling part of a supportive community. takeaseat is unique in that it offers support and guidance to both the counsellor and the client throughout the counselling journey.

Joanne Pitt
Therapist & Take A Seat NED


Why should I trust Take A Seat?

Take A Seat is committed to maintaining an Ethical and professional core, you can be reassured you are a part of a community that is audited and allows only fully qualified, Ethical and professional counsellors.

What's the cost?

Membership start from only £20 a month.

At point of booking Clients will be charged a 10% booking fee that will be added onto their session charge.

I already have too many clients?

That's great, but if you have too many clients, you still have options:

1. Pass any clients you can;t help on to us and we can match them with one of our approved therapists
2. Still sign-up as a member so when you do have capacity you are ready to receive new clients
3. Sign up as a community member and gain access to events, CPD and lots lots more... (Coming later this year)

What happens once I sign-up?

Once we receive your application for membership, we will ask you for copies of qualification certificates, insurance certificates and name and contact details of peer supervisors. Once we have copies of all these, they will be audited and once approved your profile will be sent live and you will be able to start receiving clients.

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